Have you ever done something that you truly regret afterwards? That’s my case whenever I want to break out a habit that I have I always seem to come back to committing the same wrong again. It’s hard to break out of a bad habit truly no matter how much you try to cope with its normalcy and tell yourself that it’s something that everyone else does it just doesn’t seem to sit right. I mean I’m taking it one day at a time in hopes that one day I will quit. No it’s nothing detrimental to my health however I just feel that it is annoying and that I’m too old for it so I need to break out of it. Which brings me onto the topic of regret… Have you ever done anything that you regret and wish you had never committed in the first place. I have a lot of things that if I could go back to the past and alter the decision that I made to do it I would. However, what I want to know is truly do we honestly feel bad about the habits that we pick up and continue for years? I mean if you think about it really carefully would you take back every bad or strange thing that you have ever done in your life. Sure it would be awesome to look back on your life and think “Yes, I’ve never committed a bad thing a day in my life” or “I’m so glad I decided against doing that”  and so on or so forth, but I mean honestly without these experiences we would never learn/grow from them. I think every bad/weird thing that I have done in my life make me who I am! It separates me from the average joe schmo and as much I would like to take them back well I wouldn’t be me. I would be like everyone else and who wants to truly conform. I mean in our everyday lives we have a set of guidelines that we must abide by, certain statutes and laws that we must obey and even though our society looks down upon its violators you have to admit these things sets us apart. Okay so killing someone brutally does not necessarily make you the next Mozart or prodigy of the next century but it leaves people in awe and amazement about who you are. Who the mastermind is behind the crime… it makes you unique. No, I’m not in support of serial killings/murders I’m just trying to make a point. I would hope that an individual does not choose to live out the rest of their lives as a known killer/for harming people. The point in this whole post is that ultimately the things that we do in our life do not define who we are. Therefore you should not be ashamed of the bad choices/decisions that you have made in life because after all:

We are human and we are allowed to make mistakes.